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You're Only Young Once

(B&W, 1937, 78 minutes)

Picking up where A Family Affair left off, this sequel finds Judge Hardy cosigning a note for Frank Redmond who is hoping to sell off the aqueduct property before it is foreclosed on.

In the mean time, the Hardys head to Catalina Island. Andy quickly befriends a wild spoiled girl Geraldine "Gerry" Lane (Eleanor Lynn). Marian befriends a married man, Bill Rand (Ted Pearson), who claims to have been separated from his wife for one year and is filing for divorce. Andy quickly loses interest in Gerry, but Marian accepts Bill's proposal of marriage.

On a beach picnic the Hardy family holds a kangaroo court to determine if Bill is worthy of their cherished Marian. Bill cracks quickly, confessing that he is happily married and really had no intention of marrying Marian. He was just struck with "vacation romance."

Upon returning to Carvel, Judge Hardy learns that the aqueduct property is about to be foreclosed on and he will be bankrupted in the process. But something the salty fisherman had told him when he was fishing at Cartalina gave him an idea that just might save the Hardys...

At the end of this film, Lewis Stone announces that MGM intends to produce more of the Hardy Family series. Coming soon Judge Hardy's Children.

"The second Hardy Family movie, You're Only Young Once, had the cast which was to become famous: Lewis Stone and Fay Holden (an English actress oddly becoming the typical American Ma) replaced Lionel Barrymore and Spring Byington as Judge and Mrs. Hardy; Mickey Rooney and Cecilia Parker carried on as their children; so did Sara Haden as Aunt Milly [Mrs. Hardy's sister]. Director George B. Seitz and scenarist Kay Van Riper repeated their Family Affair success. Lucien Hubbard had left the studio and the series, supervised by J. J. Cohn, continued without a producer credit. Also cast: Frank Craven, Ann Rutherford (a regular henceforth), Ted Pearson, Eleanor Lynn, Charles Judels."1

Producer: Carey Wilson
Director: George B. Seitz
Assistant Director: E. J. Babille
Screenplay: Kay Van Riper (based on the characters created by Aurania Rouverol)
Art Direction: Cedric Gibbons
Associates: Edwin B. Willis, Wade Rubottom
Original Music: David Snell, Edward Ward
Sound: Douglas Shearer
Cinematography: Lester White
Editor: Adrienne Fazan
Released December, 1937

Lewis Stone ... Judge James K. Hardy
Cecilia Parker ... Marian Hardy
Mickey Rooney ... Andy Hardy
Fay Holden ... Mrs. Hardy
Frank Craven ... Frank Redmond
Ann Rutherford ... Polly Benedict
Eleanor Lynn ... Geraldine Lane
Ted Pearson ... Bill Rand
Sara Haden ... Aunt Milly
Charles Judels ... Capt. Swenson
Selmer Jackson ... Hoyt Wells
Jack Baxley ... Court Clerk
Wilson Benge ... Francois
Billy Dooley ... Postman
Ruth Hart ... Mary
Mary Gordon ... Mary's mother
Spec O'Donnell ... Soda Jerk
Oscar O'Shea ... Sheriff
Garry Owen ... Guide
Norman Phillips, Jr. ... Harold ("Fish Face")
Phillip Terry ... Pilot
Robert Wayne ... Ed Carter

You're Only Young Once
You're Only Young Once

You're Only Young Once
(l-r) Fay Holden, Cecilia Parker, Lewis Stone, Sara Haden, Mickey Rooney

You're Only Young Once
Ann Rutherford's first appearance as Polly Benedict

You're Only Young Once
Eleanor Lynn and Mickey Rooney

You're Only Young Once
Ted Pearson and Cecilia Parker

You're Only Young Once
Eleanor Lynn

You're Only Young Once
Ann Rutherford and Mickey Rooney

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1from The MGM Story by John Douglas Eames, Crown Publishers Inc., New York, 1975

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