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Out West With the Hardys

(B&W, 1938, 84 minutes)

Judge Hardy receives a letter from Dora Northcote (Nana Bryant), an old friend from school days, calling for help. She and husband Bill (Ralph Morgan) live out west on a ranch. Their water is supplied by a creek that flows through a neighboring ranch upstream. They have had a contract with the owner of that ranch, H. R. Bruxton (Thurston Hall), to pay him in return for allowing a certain amount of water to flow through his land onto theirs. Unfortunately, the contract specifically states that Buxton must allow them to have water, but it puts no bounds on the price he may charge.

Lately Buxton has been raising the price to the point where it is straining the Northcote budget. It is clear that he intends to bankrupt them and force them to sell their land. When Judge Hardy looks into the situation, he "researches and strategizes," but can find no way out of their dilemma.

Meanwhile, Marian and Andy are causing their share of havoc around the ranch. Marion falls in love with the forman Ray (Gordon Jones). They announce to Judge Hardy that they intend to marry. Judge Hardy thinks Marian has no idea what she is in for, so he suggests a "trial marriage" - Marian is to go to Ray's home each morning and do all the housework for Ray. Marian really messes up the works at Ray's home, and comes running back to her father in no time.

Meanwhile, Mickey has befriended Ray's daughter Jake (Virginia Weidler), an eight-year old girl who can outdo him at just about anything (horesback riding, shooting, etc.), much to his chagrin. One day Andy carelessly takes off on Jake's horse and it breaks its leg. Andy feels really bad when he finds out that they are going to put the horse down because of his irresponsible actions.

Then Andy disappears and averyone thinks he has run away. But when he returns he brings Doc Hodge (Eddy Waller). Andy read a magazine article about how the horse doctor has developed a method of treatment using a sling to hold the horse off the ground, giving the leg a chance to heal. So he saves Jake's horse, and Andy is at least partially vindicated.

The Hardys return home to Carvel. The judge has found no solution to the Northcote's problem, and he feels really badly about that. But as they are unpacking, Mrs. Hardy shows him an embroidered "Indian blanket" which she has brought back with her. The embroidery is a map of the ranch and surrounding territory. Looking at it, Judge Hardy notices something that just may save the day for the Northcotes...

Directed by: George B. Seitz
Produced by: Lucien Hubbard, Samuel Marx
Screenplay by: Kay Van Riper, Agnes Christine Johnston, William Ludwig
Based on the characters created by Aurania Rouverol
Musical Score by: David Snell
Recording Director: Douglas Shearer
Art Director: Cedric Gibbons
Associate: Randall Duell
Set Decorator: Edwin B. Willis
Photographed by: Lester White
Film Editor: Ben Lewis
Released November, 1938

Mickey Rooney ... Andy Hardy
Lewis Stone ... Judge Hardy
Fay Holden ... Mrs. Hardy
Cecilia Parker ... Marian
Ann Rutherford ... Polly Benedict
Sara Haden ... Aunt Milly
Don Castle ... Dennis Hunt
Virginia Weidler ... Jake Holt
Gordon Jones ... Ray Holt
Ralph Morgan ... Bill Northcote
Nana Bryant ... Dora Northcote
Tom Neal ... Aldrich Brown
John Hubbard ... Anthony Allan (aka Cliff Thomas)
Erville Alderson ... Court Deputy
Mary Bovard ... First Girl at Party
Joe Dominguez ... Jose
George Douglas ... Mr. Carter
Jesse Graves ... Ambrose
Charles Grove ... Al
Thurston Hall ... H. R. Bruxton
Marilyn Stuart ... Second Girl at Party
Eddy Waller ... Doc Hodge

Out West With the Hardys
Out West With the Hardys

Out West With the Hardys
The Ranch House

Out West with the Hardys
(l-r) Sara Haden, Nana Bryant, Cecilia Parker, Fay Holden, Ralph Morgan, Virginia Weidler, Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone
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Out West With the Hardys
Mickey Rooney and Cecilia Parker

Out West With the Hardys
Lewis Stone as Judge Hardy

Out West With the Hardys
Andy is ready to go!

Out West With the Hardys
Virginia Weidler as Jake

Out West With the Hardys
Gordon Jones as Ray

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