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Love Laughs at Andy Hardy

(B&W, 1947, 93 minutes)

Andy returns from service in the war convinced that he is not only in love with Kay Wilson (Bonita Granville), but that he is going to propose marriage as soon as he returns to college. The Hardys throw a welcome home party for him at the Carvel Country Club, where he meets up with Isobel Gonzales (Lina Romay). Isobel performs a really cute little song and dance number at the party, but Andy seems too distracted to notice. All he can think about is Kay.

Upon returning to Wainright College, Andy meets up with Kay again and is determined he is going to propose to her. He invites her to the Frosh dance, but at the last minute Kay has to go home on some mysterious family business.

Of course Andy is very disappointed, but undaunted he still wants to go to the dance. He meets Coffy Smith (Dorothy Ford) and asks her to go to the dance with him. They are in a swimming pool at the time, so Andy doesn't realize how tall she is. It turns out that Coffy must be nearly seven feet tall, and Andy is only 5'1". They look ridiculous together, but Coffy is really sweet and Andy is determined that they will go to the dance together in spite of the spectacle they may cause.

In one of the truly classic film scenes, Coffy and Andy dance the jitterbug, practically stopping the entire dance while everyone watches. It's one of the funniest scenes in any film!

Later there comes a moment when Andy feels it's right to pop the question to Kay but, anticipating his move, Kay blocks by announcing her intentions to marry her guardian and asks him to stand up for them in the simple ceremony. Andy is devestated and takes refuge in Coffy's down-to-earth philosophy and friendship.

By Thanksgiving break, Kay is married and Andy has recovered. In the final scene he is at home with Isobel and... Woo! Woo!

Somehow, MGM allowed the copyright of this episode of the Hardy Family series to lapse, so it is available on various labels (both VHS and DVD). The one I bought is really awful, but fortunately, the movie is often shown on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Try to catch it there, or take your chances with one of the print transfers such as the one shown the right.

Producer: Robert Sisk
Directed by: Willis Goldbeck
Screen Play by: Harry Ruskin and William Ludwig
Original Story by: Howard Dimsdale
Based on the Characters Created by Aurania Rouverol
Musical Score: David Snell
Orchestral Arrangements: Wally Heglin
Song "Hail to Wainwright" by Earl K. Brent, David Snell
Adaptations: Earl K. Brent
Dance Director: Jack Donohue
Art Direction: Cedric Gibbons, Harry McAfee
   Set Decorations: Edwin B. Willis
   Associate: Ralph S. Hurst
Costume Supervision: Irene
Recording Director: Douglas Shearer
Director of Photography: Robert Planck
Film Editor: Irvine Warburton
Released: January 1947

Mickey Rooney ... Andy Hardy
Lewis Stone ... Judge Hardy
Sara Haden ... Aunt Milly
Bonita Granville ... Kay Wilson
Lina Romay ... Isobel Gonzales
Fay Holden ... Mrs. Hardy
Dorothy Ford ... Coffy Smith
Hal Hackett ... Duke Johnson
Dick Simmons ... Dane Kittridge
Clinton Sundberg ... Haberdashery Clerk
Geraldine Wall ... Miss Geeves
Addison Richards ... Mr. Benedict
Additional Cast:
Richard Abbott ... Telegrapher
Bob Alden ... Jimmy
Jack Baker ... Dancer
Eddy Chandler ... Expressman
Boyd Davis ... Desk Clerk
Dolores Dey ... Coed
Eddie Dunn ... Sergeant
William Frambes ... Boy
Jane Green ... Housekeeper
Holmes Herbert ... Dr. White
Si Jenks ... Driver
Nolan Leary ... Bus Driver
Billy Lechner ... Freshman
Irving Lee ... Student
Lucien Littlefield ... Telegrapher
George Magrill ... Moving Man
David McKim ... Western Union Boy
Howard M. Mitchell ... Conductor
Matt Moore ... Policeman
Ben Moselle ... Taxi Driver
Shirley O'Hara ... Coed
Sheila O'Malley ... Coed
Dick Paxton ... Freshman
Charles Peck ... Tommy Gilchrest
Lee Phelps ... Policeman
William McKeever Riley ... Student
Ellen Ross ... Coed
Syd Saylor ... Taxi Driver
Erin Selwyn ... Coed
Buster Slaven ... Freshman
Johnny Walsh ... Freshman

[0:15] Jesusita en Chihuahua (Cactus Polka) (sung in Spanish and English [with special lyrics] and danced by Lina Romay)
[0:55] unidentified instrumental (Jitterbug danced by Andy Hardy and Dorothy Ford)
[1:01] Auld Lang Syne (excerpt sung by students at train station)
[1:04] Hail to Wainwright (Choir)
[1:28] I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I Like You Very Much) (sung and danced by Lina Romay)

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Love Laughs at Andy Hardy
Lina Romay

Love Laughs at Andy Hardy
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Love Laughs at Andy Hardy
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Love Laughs at Andy Hardy
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Love Laughs at Andy Hardy
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Crew and Cast credits from film title reel; additional cast from various sources.

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