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Judge Hardy's Children

(B&W, 1938, 78 minutes)

Judge Hardy is offered the chance to join a committee investigating a public utility for unfair business practices. He is offered $200.00 per day, and he just can't resist. So the Hardys move to Washington D.C. for what is expected to be about two weeks.

Of course, Andy immediately finds a girl - Suzanne Cortot (Jacqueline Laurent) and Marian falls in with a group of friends - Maggie Lee (Ruth Hussey) John Lee (Jonathan Hale), and Steve Prentiss (Leonard Penn). She is absorbed into their group because the are friendly and make her feel sophisticated.

Andy gets 20 bucks from his dad to buy a tux, and attends a catillion with Suzanne. But he finds the waltz a bit hard to take, so he asks the band to "swing it" and he teaches Suzanne the Big Apple. Soon all the young dancers are dancing too. The hostess and Miss Budge (Suzanne's chaperone) find jazz deplorable, and makes the band quit playing and go on with the waltz. Miss Budge tells Andy he cannot see Suzanne again - he's not welcome in their high society, which causes major problems for Andy's future engagements with Suzanne. At least he has a tux now!

As Judge Hardy's investigation progresses, the stock market begins to move in ways that cause great suspicion among some of the committee members. It turns out that Marian's crowd isn't really interested in her personally. They are a group of shady operators who are only using Marian to get information on how the investigation is progressing.

When Judge Hardy finds out about this, he blames it all on himself because he failed to warn Marian to not repeat anything she might hear at home. After the committee has finished its work, the unhappy Hardys returns to Carvel.

Back in Carvel, Judge Hardy fears that his reputation has been compromised, so he writes a letter of resignation from the bench and prepares to "start over." But something Andy says strikes a chord, and the Judge finds a way to flush out the bad guys and save the investigation as well as his own reputation.

"Mickey Rooney took over the Hardy spotlight in Judge Hardy's Children, and held it forever after. Here he's teaching Jacqueline Laurent a dance craze of the Thirties, the Big Apple, during the family's visit to Washington [D.C.]. The public was now really 'Hardy'-hooked. Director-writer team George B. Seitz and Kay Van Riper, and players Lewis Stone, Cecilia Parker, Fay Holden, and Ann Rutherford continued, assisted by Robert Whitney, Ruth Hussey, Jonathan Hale, Janet Beecher, Leonard Penn, and Betty Ross Clark who temporarily replaced Sara Haden."1

Producer: Carey Wilson
Director: George B. Seitz
Assistant Director: Tom Andre
Screenplay: Kay Van Riper (based on the characters created by Aurania Rouverol)
Art Direction: Cedric Gibbons
Associates: Edwin B. Willis, Stan Rogers
Wardrobe: Jeanne Beakhurst
Original Music: David Snell
Sound: Douglas Shearer
Cinematography: Lester White
Editor: Ben Lewis
Released March, 1938

Mickey Rooney ... Andy Hardy
Lewis Stone ... Judge James K. Hardy
Fay Holden ... Mrs. Emily Hardy
Cecilia Parker ... Marian Hardy
Betty Ross Clarke ... Aunt Millie Forrest
Ann Rutherford ... Polly Benedict
Robert Whitney ... Wayne Trenton
Jacqueline Laurent ... Suzanne Cortot
Ruth Hussey ... Maggie Lee
Jonathan Hale ... John Lee
Janet Beecher ... Miss Budge
Leonard Penn ... Steve Prentiss
Boyd Crawford ... Radio Announcer
Erville Alderson ... Deputy Sheriff
Sunny Brooks ... Orchestra Leader
Donald Douglas ... J. J. Harper
Edward Earle ... Penniwill
Sarah Edwards ... Miss Adams
Hal Le Sueur ... Joe
Alphonse Martell ... Maitre d'Hotel
John T. Murray ... French Waiter
Charles Peck ... Tommy MacMahon
Georges Renavent ... Mr. Cortot

Judge Hardy's Children
Judge Hardy's Children

Judge Hardy's Children
Washington D.C. ca. 1938

Judge Hardy's Children
Mickey Rooney and Cecilia Parker

Judge Hardy's Children
Fay Holden and Lewis Stone

Judge Hardy's Children
Jacqueline Laurent

Judge Hardy's Children
Marian and the "Bad Guys"
Leonard Penn, Cecilia Parker, Ruth Hussey, Jonathan Hale

Judge Hardy's Children
Lewis Stone, Mickey Rooney,
Betty Ross Clarke, Fay Holden,
Cecilia Parker
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Judge Hardy's Children
Mickey Rooney and Jacqueline Laurent dance The Big Apple
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Judge Hardy's Children
Jacqueline Laurent and Mickey Rooney at the dance

Judge Hardy's Children
Judge Hardy consoles Marian
(Cecilia Parker and Lewis Stone)

Judge Hardy's Children
Betty Ross Clarke plays Aunt Milly

Judge Hardy's Children
Ann Rutherford and Mickey Rooney


1ppg and photo from The MGM Story by John Douglas Eames, Crown Publishers Inc., New York, 1975

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