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The Hardys Ride High

(B&W, 1939, 81 minutes)

An attorney shows up in Carvel telling Judge Hardy that he has inherited two million dollars through the Leeds estate. Judge Hardy knows that his great-great-grandfather was Colonel James Standish Leeds of the War of 1812, so he doesn't question the inheritence, though he is quite shocked by the amount. The Hardys travel to Detroit and stay in the Leeds mansion while they are awaiting the probate court's final decision.

While in Detroit, Andy goes out to a nightclub with Phil Westcott (John King), and is picked up by chorus girl Conseula MacNish (Virginia Grey). But when he goes to her apartment he is scared stiff by her super-sophisticated demeanor and surroundings, and he high-tails it home. The whole thing was a setup anyway, Phil and Consuela were conspiring to find a way to discredit James Hardy. Phil believes he is the rightful heir to the Leeds estate, not James Hardy.

Marian buys an expensive gown ($265.00) and has it charged to her father without his permission. She figures since they are going to be rich, it should be no problem. But her father starts asking questions when the gown is delivered to the mansion, and Marian, feeling guilty, bursts into tears and rushes to her bedroom.

Aunt Milly meets a man on the plane to Detroit who seems to take an interest in her. She buys a new evening gown and invites him over for an evening. After some misleading discussion, it turns out that all the man wants is to sell her a real estate investment.

Phil plants a book in the mansion with a fake inscription in it indicating that James Hardy's great-great-grandfather was an adopted son, not direct bloodline. Judge Hardy finds it and grabs the family and high-tails it back to Carvel. Later, when Phil tries to show it to the executor of the estate, they find the book missing and assume Judge Hardy has absconded with it to ensure that no one else finds it.

Andy is cleaning out the attic and finds an old picture of a racehorse upon which their grandfather had wagered $25,000 and won. When Judge Hardy studies it more closely he finds something that he cannot ignore. He must call Detroit immediately! So, will the Hardys become millionaires?

Directed by: George B. Seitz
Assistant Director: Tom Andre
Produced by: Lou L. Ostrow
Production Supervisor: J. J. Cohn
Screenplay by: Kay Van Riper, Agnes Christine Johnston, William Ludwig
Based on the characters created by Aurania Rouverol
Musical Score by: David Snell
Recording Director: Douglas Shearer
Art Director: Cedric Gibbons
Associate: Eddie Imazu
Set Decorator: Edwin B. Willis
Wardrobe: William Cogswell, Myrtle Gallegher
Makeup Artist: Neil Wakeman
Hair StylistL Martha Acker
Photographed by: Lester White
Film Editor: Ben Lewis
Released April, 1939

Mickey Rooney ... Andy Hardy
Lewis Stone ... Judge Hardy
Fay Holden ... Mrs. Hardy
Cecilia Parker ... Marian
Ann Rutherford ... Polly Benedict
Sara Haden ... Aunt Milly
Virginia Grey ... Consuela MacNish
Minor Watson ... Terry B. Archer
John King ... Phil Westcott
John T. Murray ... Don Davis
George Irving ... Mr. Bronell
Halliwell Hobbes ... Dobbs
Aileen Pringle ... Miss Booth
Marsha Hunt ... Susan Bowen
Donald Briggs ... Caleb Bowen
William Orr ... Dick Bannersly
Truman Bradley ... Clerk
Erville Alderson ... Bailiff
Frances MacInerney ... Sylvia
Ann Morriss ... Rosamund
Alex Pollard ... Headwaiter
William Tannen ... Hotel Desk Clerk
Phil Tead ... Taxi Driver

The Hardys Ride High
The Hardys Ride High

The Hardys Ride High
Detroit, ca. 1939

The Hardys Ride High
Phil shows Andy around the
Leeds Motor Car Company
(Mickey Rooney and John King)

The Hardys Ride High
Marian and Andy enjoying the good life in their new mansion
(Cecilia Parker and Mickey Rooney)

The Hardys Ride High
Mr. Archer takes Aunt Milly
for a ride about town
(Sara Haden and Minor Watson)

The Hardys Ride High
Consuela and Phil conspiring to disgrace Judge Hardy
(Virginia Grey and John King)

The Hardys Ride High
Consuela terrifies Andy
(Virginia Grey)

The Hardys Ride High
Lewis Stone and Mickey Rooney

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