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The Courtship of Andy Hardy

(B&W, 1942, 95 minutes)

When the case of Nesbit vs. Nesbit is brought before Judge Hardy, he finds himself upset about the fallout of the divorce hurting their only child Melodie (Donna Reed). Her parents have divorced some ten years ago and are still fighting over custody and child-support. Frustrated, Judge Hardy asks Andy to take Melodie on a date to cheer her up. She's become a real drizzle-puss!

After court that evening, Judge Hardy holds a court of his own at the Hardy home. One by one, each of the family members come into his office asking advice about some earth-shattering disaster, interrupting his study of the case.

Andy takes Melodie to the Alumni Dance. She is bitter and sarcastic at first because she doesn't believe that anyone finds her attractive. Andy bribes the stag line to cut in and make Melodie feel like she is attractive. She finally warms up to all the attention and has a good time at the dance. And she really does catch the eye of Harry Land (Todd Karns). Melodie figures out that to be attractive, "a girl has to want to."

The next time Andy asks Melodie to a dance, she shows up all decked out like a fox! She is a big hit with the stag line and Andy turns a profit by charging them to cut in. Melodie finds out what has been going on with the stag line and is broken-hearted that she can "have any fellow in town except for Andy." She asks Andy what is wrong with her - why he doesn't find her attractive - but Andy can't answer. Could it be Polly?

Meanwhile, Mother Hardy orders a cutaway for James through a mail-order catalog. The price is $40.00, but when the package comes (C.O.D.) the price is $61.60 (packing charge of $20.00 and shipping charge of $1.60). She says it's outragueous and refueses delivery. The next day a collection man shows up demanding the money. Mrs. Hardy is flustered and scared when the man threatens to take her to court - Judge Hardy's court, at that!

Marian has a big date with Jeff Willis (William Lundigan) and makes an evening gown from a nightgown. She thinks it's very sophisticated, but the rest of the Hardy family finds it a bit too risque. To mock her, the rest of the family comes to dinner dressed in sleepwear. Angry at their humiliating tactics, Marian says she'll have to wear her blue dress instead.

Later, Judge Hardy tries to help Mrs. Hardy with her bank account. She says the bank always thinks she has $10.00 less than she thinks she has. She "has a lot of confusion with the bank at the first of every month." Though her explanation of her bookkeeping baffles the Judge (shades of Life with Father, 1947), when he balances the checkbook, he comes up with the same thing she has written down. He comments, "Balancing your checkbook involves mathematics that would baffle an Einstein, but it seems to work!"

Marian is late coming home from her date, and Andy goes looking for them. Jeff was drunk and had run into a tree with his car. Andy towed the car home, and he and the judge sober Jeff up while Mrs. Hardy attends to a sheepish Marian. The collection man turns out to be a scam artist, and the Nesbits finally agree to work together for Melodie's happiness. Melodie and Jeff Land begin a romantic relationship, and Polly comes home. The Hardys seem to always come through with flying colors! Don't we all wish life really worked that way!

Produced by: Carey Wilson
Directed by: George B. Seitz
Assistant Director: Stanley Goldsmith
Screen Play by: Agnes Christine Johnston
Based Upon the Characters Created by Aurania Rouverol
Musical Score: David Snell
Art Director: Cedric Gibbons
   Associate: William Ferrari
   Set Decorations: Edwin B. Willis
Hairstyles for Miss Reed by: Sydney Guilaroff
Recording Director: Douglas Shearer
Director of Photography: Lester White
Film Editor: Elmo Veron
Released: March 1942

Lewis Stone ... Judge Hardy
Mickey Rooney ... Andy Hardy
Cecilia Parker ... Marian Hardy
Fay Holden ... Mrs. Hardy
Ann Rutherford ... Polly Benedict
Sara Haden ... Aunt Milly
Donna Reed ... Melodie Nesbit
William Lundigan ... Jeff Willis
Steve Cornell ... Stewart Dwight
Frieda Inescort ... Olivia Nesbit
Harvey Stephens ... Roderick O. Nesbit
Betty Wells ... Susie
Joseph Crehan ... Peter Dugan
George Breakston ... "Beezy"
Todd Karns ... Harry Land
Additional Cast:
Erville Alderson ... Bailiff
Barbara Bedford ... Elsa
John Butler ... Joe (the delivery man)
Ken Christy ... Jenkins
Frank Coghlan, Jr. ... Red
Lois Collier ... Cynthia
Betty Jean Hainey ... Dolly
Dick Paxton ... Kirk
Charles Peck ... Tommy
Tim Ryan ... Officer Farrell
Floyd Shackelford ... Joe
Jay Ward ... Byron

The Courtship of Andy Hardy
The Courtship of Andy Hardy

The Courtship of Andy Hardy
Lewis Stone and Mickey Rooney

The Courtship of Andy Hardy
Andy's towing service in action

The Courtship of Andy Hardy
Lewis Stone and Mickey Rooney

The Courtship of Andy Hardy
Andy pins on a corsage

The Courtship of Andy Hardy
Andy and the stag line

The Courtship of Andy Hardy
Fay Holden and John Butler

The Courtship of Andy Hardy
Melodie the Drip

The Courtship of Andy Hardy
Melodie the Lollapalooza

The Courtship of Andy Hardy
Steve Cornell and Ann Rutherford

The Courtship of Andy Hardy
Andy and his zebra-striped jalopy

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