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Andy Hardy's Private Secretary

(B&W, 1941, 101 minutes)

Andy's gone and done it this time. All set to graduate from high school and he flunks his English exam - in spite of the fact that Aunt Milly is his teacher, and that the Judge has gone to all the trouble of getting him his very own private secretary (Kathryn Grayson in her screen debut).

What makes this Andy Hardy movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter "even better than the wildly cheered Love Finds Andy Hardy?" It could be Mickey Rooney's irresistible charm. Or could it be the perfected plot of Andy juggling his steady love (Polly Benedict) with his growing affections for another girl? Or perhaps it's the non-stop laughs Rooney generates with such antics as trying to buy ladies' hose or letting the judge take a spin in his jalopy in the pouring rain.

Whatever the case, here's your chance to return to a simpler and happier time with the family America loved to love.1

Directed by: George B. Seitz
Assistant Director: Gilbert Kurland
Screen Play by: Jane Murfin and Harry Ruskin
Based on a story by Katharine Brush
Based upon the Characters Created by Aurania Rouverol
Musical Direction: Herhert Stothart
Art Director: Cedric Gibbons
   Associate: John S. Detlie
   Set Decorations: Edwin B. Willis
Recording Director: Douglas Shearer
Director of Photography: Lester White
Film Editor: Elmo Veron
Released: February 1941

Lewis Stone ... Judge Hardy
Mickey Rooney ... Andy Hardy
Fay Holden ... Mrs. Hardy
Ann Rutherford ... Polly Benedict
Sara Haden ... Aunt Milly
Kathryn Grayson ... Kathryn Land
Ian Hunter ... Steven V. Land
Gene Reynolds ... Jimmy McMahon
George Breakston ... "Beezy"
Todd Karns ... Harry Land
Addison Richards ... Mr. Benedict
Margaret Early ... Clarabelle Lee
Bertha Priestley ... Susan Wiley
Joseph Crehan ... Peter Dugan
Lee Phelps ... Barnes
John Dilson ... Mr. Davis
Additional Cast:
Hooper Atchley ... Conductor
Frederick Burton ... Gov. Spaulding
Donald Douglas ... Mr. J. O. Harper
Ken Christy ... Policeman
Hal K. Dawson ... Salesman
Mary Field ... Saleswoman
Betty Jane Graham ... Student
George Guhl ... Station Master
George Noisom ... Messenger
June Preisser ... Euphrasia Clark ("Phrasie Daisy")
Erskine Sanford ... Mr. Bosinny
Charles Smith ... Bob, delinquent in court
C. M. Wyrick ... Service Station Man #1
Elliott Sullivan ... Service Station Man #2

Musical Program:
[0:46] Voices of Spring [Strauss] (sung by Kathryn Grayson)
[1:26] Graduation March
[1:27] Ardon gl'incensi (Mad Scene from the opera LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR by G. Donizetti, sung by Kathryn Grayson)
[1:31] I've Got My Eyes on You [Porter] (sung by Kathryn Grayson)

Andy Hardy's Private Secretary

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Andy Hardy's Private Secretary
Lewis Stone, Ian Hunter, Kathryn Grayson, Mickey Rooney

Andy Hardy's Private Secretary
Harry and Kathryn Land
(Todd Karns and Kathryn Grayson)

Andy Hardy's Private Secretary
Ian Hunter as Steven V. Land

Andy Hardy's Private Secretary
Mickey Rooney as Apollo

Andy Hardy's Private Secretary
Kathryn Grayson as Kathryn Land

Andy Hardy's Private Secretary
Margaret Early as Clarabelle Lee

Andy Hardy's Private Secretary
Ann Rutherford as Polly Benedict

Andy Hardy's Private Secretary
Mickey Rooney and Ann Rutherford


1from back of videotape sleeve
Crew and Cast credits from film title reel; additional cast from various sources.

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