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Andy Hardy's Double Life

(B&W, 1942, 92 minutes)

Finally, Andy Hardy's young life is perfect. He has plenty of money, the family is fine, he's sworn off girls for good and college is just a few days away. What can go wrong now? Well, Andy might get involved in one of Judge Hardy's knottiest cases. Or play Cupid for his sister Marian. Or write a $20 rubber check that threatens to bounce him from hometown Carvel to the clink. Or even get engaged to two gorgeous girls at the same time. Of course, Andy wouldn't do just some of these things... he'd do them all!

Mickey Rooney and the regular cast members return for the thirteenth film in the immensely popular Andy Hardy series. Sparkling with warmth and humor, Andy Hardy's Double Life is particularly memorable for two reasons. It was produced in 1942, the year the series received a special Oscar-night award "for its achievement in representing the American way of life." And it introduced a longtime MGM star: Esther Williams, who plays a coed who makes Andy's heart do a swoon dive!

Directed by: George B. Seitz
Assistant Directors: Tom Andre, Bert Spurlin
Screen Play by: Agnes Christine Johnston
Based Upon the Characters Created by Aurania Rouverol
Musical Score: Daniele Amfitheatrof
Art Director: Cedric Gibbons
   Associate: William Ferrari
   Set Decorations: Edwin B. Willis
   Associate: Richard Pefferle
Hairstyles for Miss Reed by: Sydney Guilaroff
Recording Director: Douglas Shearer
Directors of Photography: John Mescal, George Folsey
Film Editor: Gene Ruggiero
Released: December 1942

Lewis Stone ... Judge Hardy
Mickey Rooney ... Andy Hardy
Cecilia Parker ... Marian Hardy
Fay Holden ... Mrs. Hardy
Ann Rutherford ... Polly Benedict
Sara Haden ... Aunt Milly
Esther Williams ... Sheila Brooks
William Lundigan ... Jeff Willis
Robert Pittard ... Botsy
Bobby Blake (Robert Blake) ... "Tooky" Stedman
Susan Peters ... Sue
Additional Cast:
Roger Moore ... Court Clerk
Floyd Shackelford ... Joe
Philip Van Zandt ... Binks' Attorney
Erville Alderson ... Bailiff
Henry Blair ... Boy in Car
John Butler ... Wilkins
Frank Chalfant ... Kirk
Frank Coghlan, Jr. ... Red
Mary Currier ... Mrs. Stedman
Edward Gargan ... Motorcycle Policeman
Howard C. Hickman ... Attorney
Mickey Martin ... Bud
David McKim ... Nelson
Charles R. Moore ... Porter
Mantan Moreland ... Prentiss
Robert Emmett O'Connor ... Conductor
Charles Peck ... Jack
Addison Richards ... George Benedict
Arthur Space ... Attorney
Johnny Walsh ... Harry
Jay Ward ... Byron
George Watts ... Binks

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Andy Hardy's Double Life
Mickey Rooney and Esther Williams

Andy Hardy's Double Life
Mickey Rooney and Cecilia Parker

Andy Hardy's Double Life
Mickey Rooney and Esther Williams

Andy Hardy's Double Life
Ann Rutherford, Esther Williams, Mickey Rooney

Andy Hardy's Double Life
Botsy and the gang wreck Andy's car

Andy Hardy's Double Life
Andy Hardy and the Gang

Andy Hardy's Double Life
Mickey Rooney and Lewis Stone

Andy Hardy's Double Life
Susan Peters


1 From back of MGM tape sleeve
Crew and Cast credits from film title reel; additional cast from various sources.

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