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Andy Hardy Comes Home

(B&W, 1958, 80 minutes)

Andy is all grown up, married with two children and living in Santa Monica. He has his law degree, and he works in the legal department of Gordon Aircraft.

When he hears that the board of directors is planning to build a new plant for electronics manufacturing, Andy convinces them to locate the plant in his home town of Carvel. They authorize Andy to travel to Carvel and buy property for the new plant. He selects a 28 acre plot owned by Mr. Chandler, and they agree on a price of $1500.00 per acre. Mr. Gordon, the company president, approves and authorizes Andy to close the deal. But when he returns to Chandler's office the next day to sign the papers, he finds Chandler has written a sell price of $3,000 per acre into the contract. Andy knows Mr. Gordon, will never authorize him to spend that much money.

Andy tells Beezy about his problems, and it turns out that Beezy has inherited some suitable property and is willing to sell a 30 acre plot for $500.00 per acre.

When Chandler learns of this, he sets about stirring up the townsfolk into re-zoning Beezy's land to non-commercial. When they hear Chandler's fabricated story of how the plant will draw poor itinerant workers to the community, a large number of townspeople sign the re-zoning petition, convinced that the plant will cause many problems for Carvel. A large group of citizens show up at the City Council Meeting with petitions in hand to block the sale of the land to Gordon Aircraft. So how is Andy going to get out of this mess??

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Presents
A Fryman Enterprises Production
Produced by: Red Doff
Assistant to the Producer Sig Frohlich
Directed by: Howard W. Koch
Assistant Director: Ridgeway Callow
Written by: Edward Everett Hutshing and Robert Morris Donley
Based On the Characters Created by Aurania Rouverol
Music Composed by: Van Alexander
Songs by: Mickey Rooney and Harold Spina:
"Unkwinit", "Lazy Summer Night", "U Gotta Soda", "The Octavians"
Art Directors: William A. Horning and Urie McCleary
Set Decorations: Henry Grace, Robert Priestley
Make-Up: William Tuttle
Recording Supervisor: Dr. Wesley C. Miller
Directors of Photography: William W. Spencer and Harold E. Wellman
Film Editor: John B. Rogers

Mickey Rooney ... Andy Hardy
Patricia Breslin ... Jane Hardy
Fay Holden ... Mrs. Hardy
Cecilia Parker ... Marian
Sara Haden ... Aunt Milly
Joey Forman ... Beezy Anderson
Jerry Colonna ... Doc
Vaughn Taylor ... Thomas Chandler
Frank Ferguson ... Mayor Benson
William Leslie ... Jack Bailey
Tom Duggan ... Councilman Warren
Jeanne Baird ... Sally Anderson
Gina Gillespie ... Cricket Hardy
Jimmy Bates ... Chuck
Teddy Rooney ... Andy Hardy, Jr.
Johnny Weissmuller, Jr. ... Jimmy
Pat Cawley ... Betty Wilson
Don "Red" Barry ... Councilman Fitzgerald
Sydney Smith ... Mr. Gordon
George Cisar ... Bailiff
Jane Burgess ... Stewardess
Jack Daly ... Man on Plane
Gregory Marshall ... Boy #1
Malcolm Cassell ... Boy #2
Tim Considine ... Telegram Boy
Sammy Ogg ... Western Union Messenger
Phyllis Douglas ... Girl #1
Keven Kelly ... Girl #2
Hal K. Dawson ... Irate Townsman
J. Anthony Hughes ... Townsman
George Meader ... Townsman
Leo Needham ... Townsman
Almira Sessions ... Townswoman
Elizabeth Slifer ... Townswoman
Ted Stanhope ... Townsman

Musical Program and Clips from other films:
[0:03] Clip from Babes in Arms (the kiss)
[0:11] Clip from Andy Hardy's Double Life (Esther and Mickey at diving board and swimming - Esther kisses Andy)
[0:30] Lazy Summer Night (played on record at dance by unidentified men's group, danced by kids at Beezy's party)
[0:35] Clip of Andy and Cynthia Potter at municipal pool and the walk home from Love Finds Andy Hardy
[0:42] Ocatvian Song - sung by Jerry Colonna and members of Octavian's Service Club
[0:59] instrumental played on record player, danced by Jimmy and his friends

Andy Hardy Comes Home
Andy Hardy Comes Home

Andy Hardy Comes Home
Mickey and real-life son Teddy as Andy Hardy and Andy Hardy, Jr.

ahch2.jpg 200x159
Teddy Rooney as Andy Hardy, Jr.

Andy Hardy Comes Home
Mickey Rooney, Fay Holden, Frank Ferguson, Patricia Breslin

Andy Hardy Comes Home
Jerry Colonna as Doc

Andy Hardy Comes Home
Fay Holden and Mickey Rooney

Andy Hardy Comes Home
Mickey Rooney and Pat Cawley

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Crew and Cast credits from film title reel; additional cast from various sources.

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