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Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble

(B&W, 1945, 107 minutes)

As you may recall, in the previous Andy Hardy episode Andy Hardy's Double Life, Andy is forced to have a man-to-man talk with Judge Hardy to prevent his father from escorting him to Wainright College, the Judge's alma mater. As the film ends Andy meets Susan Peters on the train and learns that Wainright has just become a coeducational institution. Woo! Woo!

"Blonde Trouble" picks up the story with Andy on the train recalling his father's parting words. His rather gloomy mood vanishes immediately when he meets the coed - this time played by Bonita Granville. Wainright's dean and Andy's faculty advisor Dr. Standish is also on the train, though his identity is not revealed to Andy until the next day when he registers for classes.

Andy's problems begin almost immediately as he learns his father forgot to give him his railway ticket. Lyn and Lee are also on the train in a private cabin. They are on their way to Wainright too, though their father thinks Lee is on her way to spend some time with her aunt. But the girls can't handle the idea of being separated, so they travel together to Wainright in hopes that they can pass themselves off as one girl. On the train - and later at Wainright - the girls pull the switcheroo on Andy leaving him completely befuddled with this mysterious blonde's fast-changing behavior.

The destitute twins manage to coax Andy into forking over a total of $37.95 cash before he wakes up to the fact that he's being taken for a ride. Once classes begin Andy's problems continue to build until he's ready to chuck the whole thing and return home. But not before he bails the twins out of their trouble.

Director: George B. Seitz
Screen Play by: Harry Ruskin, William Ludwig and Agnes Christine Johnston
Based Upon the Characters Created by Aurania Rouverol
Musical Score: David Snell
Recording Director: Douglas Shearer
Art Director: Cedric Gibbons
   Associate: Harry McAfee
   Set Decorations: Edwin B. Willis
   Associate: Helen Conway
Costumer Supervision: Irene
Director of Photography: Lester White
Film Editor: George White
Released: May 1945

Lewis Stone ... Judge Hardy
Mickey Rooney ... Andy Hardy
Fay Holden ... Mrs. Hardy
Sara Haden ... Aunt Milly
Herbert Marshall ... Dr. M. J. Standish
Bonita Granville ... Kay Wilson
Jean Porter ... Katy Anderson
Keye Luke ... Dr. Lee
Lee Wilde ... Lee Walker
Lyn Wilde ... Lyn Walker
Marta Linden ... Mrs. Townsend
Additional Cast:
Connie Gilchrist ... Boarding House Owner, Cliff Clark [Officer Shay], Eddie Acuff [Taxi driver #1], Frank Faylen [Taxi driver #2], Garry Owen [Taxi driver #3], Barbara Bedford [Dean's Secretary], Claire McDowell [Dr. Standish's Servant], Ruth Clark [Office Worker], Frank Darien [Watchman at Joe's Place], William Bailey [Brakeman], Nick Stewart [Dining Car Waiter], Sam McDaniel [Pullman Porter], Emory Parnell [Train Conductor], Emmett Vogan [Baggage Man]

Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble
Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble

Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble
Mickey Rooney, Lee & Lyn Wilde

Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble
Mickey Rooney with Bonita Granville and Lee Wilde

Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble
Mickey Rooney, Lee & Lyn Wilde

Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble
Fay Holden, Lee Wilde, Lewis Stone, Lyn Wilde, Mickey Rooney

Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble
Mickey Rooney and Lee Wilde

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Photos from the collection of the author, identifications by Lee Wilde Cathcart.
Crew and Cast credits from film title reel; additional cast from various sources.

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